At Tethys we believe in evolving continuously. Our management team utilise a strong network of partners, legal advisors, industry professionals and collaborators and is constantly on the lookout for new potential.  There is scope for the Fund to participate in multiple discrete and larger ventures and these are and will continue to be either brought to our attention via third parties/entrepreneurs or developed in-house.  Our intention is to derive value over time, steadily.  If this means that we need to build out the infrastructure ourselves in order to be able subsequently to depend on it then by necessity this longer term vision makes or longer term returns.  This is our client’s philosophy and the team that he has built shares that approach.  We are not interested in frothy short-term investment proposals or riding speculative bubbles in the world markets.  The extent of the Fund’s appetite for short-term (and often outsize) returns is from investment in enterprises that bring innovation and change the world forever.  We are currently reviewing a number of projects that fit this description, within spheres as diverse as solar, robotics and digital currencies. There are several exciting start-ups within each category.


This is a painstaking process requiring modelling by reference to positive and negative criteria, from interest rate shifts to geopolitical and environmental sentiment.  We assess both ends of the spectrum and if the numbers are satisfactory we then make a determination at board level as to whether to proceed to the next level of structuring or amending the business plan.

Hands-on Management

Tethys challenges the efficacy and wisdom of managing equity positions remotely. Where feasible, a local in situ presence is preferred. We operate a peer to peer non-hierarchical management model where every team member is actively encouraged to contribute.  Equally, each of the directors share email correspondence in a fully transparent manner aimed at achieving the highest standards in our final product or offering.  This philosophy is put into real practise by way of constructive criticism, an acceptance that we all make and learn from mistakes and an emphasis on organic growth.  As a team, our responsibility and accountability is to our clients.  We don’t anticipate paradigm shifting concepts to come out of our office.  Instead, our business is founded on assessing these ideas in a structured qualitative manner and where warranted, driving them forward.

Building trust

Tethys demands clear and fair contractual frameworks in all of our collaborations and partnerships. We are committed to building trust in all our business dealings. The firm promotes performance based earnings and avoids commission oriented remuneration.  This allows us to grow a pool of quality assets based purely on objective assessment. 

Creating value

Tethys follows a rigorous, value based investment approach. Our approach is structured to ensure that both the Fund and the vehicle requiring capital investment are legally protected by way of NDAs or equivalent confidentiality agreements.  This allows for full disclosure and frank discussion of a project’s full scope based on all the facts.  Importantly this allows the Fund to conduct more objectively defined due diligence. We look for solid businesses or business concepts that will generate steady profits over the medium and long term as their value enhances.